Offroad Imports Inc.

Snow Removal
We've partnered with Dejana Truck & Utility Inc. to offer an extensive line of snow removal products. We can adapt plows and sanders to work with your truck. 
Torwel Industries
Laser Line
Complete line of V box sanders from 12 cu ft to 16 yards. Pushers from 8' to 16'. 
The GL3000PMC is for guiding highway paint stripers, asphalt distributors, pavement profilers,
or snowplows.
Full line of plows. wings and combination dump spreader bodies.
Little Falls Machine
DIN 3 & 5 Plates coming
Full line of plows and wings. 
We're creating a one piece front mount plate to work with any truck. Both DIN 3 and 5 will be offered. Details coming......
Kuper - Cutting Edges
Carbide or Ceramic/rubber combination. Extended Life.