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About This 712A Pinzgauer
This 1982 Pinzgauer Ambulance was imported by us, repainted, and ignition upgraded. It then was rented by Sony Pictures and used in filming Pink Panther Deux but can't be seen in the two fire scenes that you can see a 404 and my U1300L. It then sold and the owner installed a new stainless exhaust, batteries, and 7 new swampers. Soon after the owner had serious medical issues and decided to sell. It comes complete with the ambulance box, stretchers, and heater. The Pinz runs very well and attended the ATHS National Show in Springfield, MA last summer and the Weare, NH military vehicle show this summer and was driven to both. There is very little rust which has been coated with POR15. 
Optional Bed Sides, Spare Tire bracket and High Lift holder. 
Steel bed sides and rear end sections with provision for a rear door/gate. Spare tire bracket, and High-Lift Jack holder. Only 2 holes need to be drilled to install all of these items. The bed sides are heavy and will take punishment. Sold...