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About Offroad Imports
My name is Chris Elliott and way back when I was 14  I got my first chance to drive a Unimog 411. It made such an impression I bought my first Unimog, a 406.

Being self employed I wanted to expand into something a bit different than optical products  so I began selling Unimogs. Initially I worked with Bob Tall in NY and soon after started importing from a select group of trusted dealers. One of which, Unimog Schussler, has done some exceptional restorations for us. 

​Recently I retired from Dejana Truck & Utility so I can start concentrating on my website again. 

I have stock of 404 parts and I can list consignment trucks on my site. In addition we can outfit your Unimog with a wide range of snow removal products. 

Thanks for visiting my site.         

Chris Elliott

Maple Park's 411, the one that started my obsession.


401-692-1130 Phone
My current project.1949 Chevy.