Offroad Imports Inc.

Headlight assemblies from a U1300L. Standard German Bundeswehr. Good used. $250./pair.
Misc revolving lights in amber or blue, 12v and 24v. Inquire.
Unimog 406/416 front frame mounts. Good used, $200.
Unimog 406/416 winch mounts. Good used, $275./pair.
Unimog 406 chains w/ hooks. Used to keep bordwande hooks hooked. New $6.00/pair
Unimog 406/416 soft top cab headlight brackets for raised plowing lights. Good used. $90.
Unimog 406/416 rear PTO bracket that carries the rear lagerbock at the rear crossmember. Fair used, needs paint. $40.
Unimog 406/416 bracket that bolts to bottom of the rear crossmember to carry the PTO reverser. Good used, $40.00
Unimog 406/416 steering wheel lock used with rear backhoe. Good used, Sold
New in the box Fiam air powered European siren. Includes compressor and two horns, 24 volt. $280.
Unimog 406 rear fenders, New SOLD.
New operators manuals. Inquire for your application.
Unimog centralizer rear support bracket. Used, rust, $40.
Unimog 406 / 416 engine cover in good used condition. SOLD
I had an issue with my U1300L fuel tank. Rust had built up under the hold down straps and finally ate it's way through. Luckily we had a new take off Ford F-750 tank at the shop. I had to remove the streetside tool boxes because there wasn't room curbside. I had to cut the angle out of the factory brackets and make new stainless hold downs. Oddly enough the Ford sending unit works better than the Mercedes sender w/ less fluctuation. 

Rear 406 PTO shafts with lagerbock 1-3/8" - Inquire 

Rear constant height drawbar for a 406 or short overhang 416. $850.

​416 Bed subframe from a fire body. $500.

Case ROPS bar $750.                             406/416 Grille Brush bar, new black paint $300.
Mercedes model C winch brake drum handle. SOLD
German illuminated white cross that mounts under the bed at the rear. Used nice condition $35.00
Wheel chocks. Used various condition. $30.00 to $50.00/each.
SBU Unimog sliding rear window. New Inquire.
Used U-1300L tool boxes. Fair condition. $45.00/both if picked up. $95.00 if boxed and shipped.
Used U1300L fuel tank. Leaks, poor condition, no sender. No mounts. Free if picked up. $50.00 if packed for shipping.
Pair of underbody chain boxes from a U1300L. Fair condition. $80.