Offroad Imports Inc.

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Mastercraft Rubicon Seat
NEW - 4 pcs. in stock. $265.ea or 
2 for $500.
Yamaha G16 1998
Schmidt S3 blower.
Electric golf cart, new parts include -  2ga cables, windshield, seat covers, LED headlight, ford red paint, rear aluminum bed w/ removable  sides, charge indicator, master kill switch. This is a very nice cart. 
Good Condition Schmidt S3 snowblower. Complete other than the hitch assembly (anbauplatte). Rotates freely and has adjustable wheels vs skid shoes. Located in VT.  SOLD
      Torwel Sanders
The Torwel company has closed it's doors. We're waiting to hear if they will reopen. Stay tuned. We do offer the complete Fisher line.
NATO Water Tank 
Schmidt Dozer Blade
610 Gallons, 2-1/2" fill, 6" dump port and 2-1/2" bottom pump feed. $950. Three in stock. Price drop $250./each
New paint.    $3300.