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Offroad Imports Gallery
Here's a few of the trucks we've sold.
Volkswagen Iltis and Volvo at the former Davisville, RI Seabee base. Currently home of the Quonset Hut museum.
416 long wheelbase doka, with rebuilt 20 speed and custom built 3 way tipper. Loaded with options.
Former German Red Cross unit. Ne ver seen another like it. M-180
My first Unimog. The new owner painted it yellow.
Nicely redone 404 funk koffer.
The nicest 404 Swiss I imported. It looked like part of the original delivery ticket was still on the passengers side window. It's residing in Massachusetts now.
Nicely restored 406. The picture to the right is the "after" picture. It was in a barn fire.
Oh, the pain....
Very Nice 416 doka with Sepson winch.
Former Danish 416 doka.
Crowded parking at the USO dance. Former Bundeswehr 406 mit bagger (minus the bagger-backhoe) This is at the Quonset  Air Museum.
Doka we shipped to Chicago.
U1300L that we added a Claas overdrive, Turbo, and 265/85R 20 tires.
U1300L with a Frink 10' highway plow.
First and second went to California and the last went to Denver. The driver swore he'd never transport Mogs again. They got way too much attention.
Volkswagen Iltis. German.
Gwagen 280G Low kilometer fire brigade unit.
Land Rover Lightweight.
Diamond Rio fire truck with 1250 pump, and 1000 gallons of water. Still in service.
A whole bunch of misc Jeep parts that made up a complete unit. MB tub, 3A windshield, unknown hood, etc.
Volvo L90, nice running considering the hours. Shipped off to Peru.
New Assaloni sander and plow delivered to Northern Maine.
Gwagen, G230. Nice unit.
Sonya driving the Rat in Wareham, MA.
Typical Danish 416 w/ new paint and 14.5s.
1981 U1300 w/ new paint.
What the yard looked like back when Unimogs were selling.
French 404 just back from filming Pink Panther II.
Unimog 411.
Rare 404 Postal
"Unique" 404 radio box hard cab with diesel.
Another rare postal unit.
Unimog 404 TSF in the brightest orange we've ever seen. The picture can't capture just how bright it was.
German 404 converted into a wrecker. Hydraulic boom extension, raise lower and winch. PTO winch up front.
Belgian extended cab 404. Really nice unit.
Another nice 404 hardcab.
406 without it's bagger.
Another 406 but with it's bagger and a Case dozer blade.
416 now in service in Epson, NH as a brush truck.
The famous PaceMog imported for Don MacDermod (RIP) in New Hampshire. Now an advertisment for a gun manufacturer.
416 w/ new bed and sides, 14.5s, fast axles, Eller hardtop and new paint.
Group shot
Our Facebook page has additional pictures of trucks we've  sold.