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-    404 Parts
Unimog 404 Parts
Unimog Operators manuals. New 421 or 406 / 416 or U1300L $22.40/each
Unimog 404 M-180 Timing lever, NOS $12.00
Unimog 404 Cab Vinyl top. Sorry all have been sold.
Unimog 404
Unimog 404 reduction gasket, NOS $6.00
Unimog 404 Speedometer cable. $42.00
Unimog 404 Rebuilt Steering box. $380.00
Unimog 404 Rubber floor seal for pedals, NOS $21.50
Unimog 404 rear helper springs. Good take off. $50.00/pr
Unimog 404 Rubber vhole seal for 3 holes on dashboard, NOS. $6.00
Unimog 404 Rubber dash plug for the large holes, NOS $6.00
Pontiac rear coil springs. Will let you rear axle flex, new. $80.00/pr
Unimog 404 Roll bar. Used take off. No seat belts. Last one. Price picked up $350.00. Would need to discuss shipping price.
Unimog 404 Brake shoe liners with rivets. 8 pieces, NOS. $60.00
Unimog Tow bars. Two left. $100./ea if picked up. Will discuss shipping.
We have LOTS more parts and no time to list them. Email with your needs. 
Crate Rebuild Front and Rear Axles $5200. Last two.
DIN 5 front hitch plate, back side shown, one piece $350.
DIN 5 upper section with hook pockets off a U1500 $275.00